Who is Tsetsi?

Tsetsi is a renowned video creator and vlogger and a Public Figure from Bulgaria and has been delivering high-quality a vast array of video content since 2016. Tsetsi’s goal is to show an unadulterated side of life in Europe, in portraying tasks of her daily life, her travels and her personal health journey. Tsetsi hopes her viewers are entertained and amused, while learning about the Eastern European way of life.

Tsetsi has participated on a number of programs and shows on Bulgarian TV and is frequently invited on US-based shows in Hollywood as well. Over the past 3 years of her video-making experience, Tsetsi remains passionate and excited about showing you a different world and aiming to exceed your expectations. Tsetsi has adopted a unique video-making style of no-jump-cuts, no edits and no music to her videos. Tsetsi’s videos are pure and often FULLY shot in one-go.

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